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Want to take a loan to buy a property? Not sure what offer will be best for you? We will help you!


Credit for the purchase of an apartment from the developer or from the secondary market

Bąkowski Real Estate Office offers not only brokerage in the case of purchase or sale of real estate, but also credit service. Thanks to cooperation with one of the leading financial intermediation companies in Poland, we can offer you credit advice. Specialists will help you in obtaining a loan for the purchase of real estate for rent, a loan for the purchase of land or the realization of another purpose. You don’t have to worry about complicated formalities. We will help you in everything! Why should you trust us?

Gold Finance, a reliable credit service

Gold Finance is a company that stands out for many years of experience. Thanks to this, we can offer you reliable and professional intermediation in the selection of financial products. The mortgage offered by us for the purchase of an apartment from the secondary or primary market will be tailored to your needs and expectations. We make sure that every customer receives tailor-made financial support. More than 50,000 satisfied customers are confirmed by these words. Thanks to us, you can fulfill your dreams of your own four angles. Since 2007 we have been providing the highest quality financial intermediation services.

Bąkowski Real Estate Office will help you find the right real estate offer, and Gold Finance will offer a matching mortgage to buy an apartment from the secondary or primary market, utility premises, land or house.

Choose your credit to buy a property with an expert!

Our expert – Tomasz Blachliński – has as much as 10 years of experience in providing credit intermediation services. Each of its actions supports reliable knowledge, which translates into comprehensive assistance in choosing the best mortgage. He approaches each customer individually. However, working with multiple banks allows you to prepare a personalized offer. An expert will help you find the answer to the question of what credit for buying a property will be the best. In addition, it will provide comprehensive service and assistance throughout the credit process from applying to receiving a positive credit decision.

How do I get a loan to buy an apartment or other property?

Stages of action:

Needs analysis, preparation of commercially available offers and comparative analysis.

2. Choosing the best offer and helping to prepare applications for the bank.

3. Submission of applications to the bank.

4. Real estate valuation – cooperation with property experts.

5. Discussion of the terms of the credit decision.

6. Signing a credit agreement.

7. Disbursements of funds.

8.Monitor conditions when credit is triggered.

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